• Tracy Lennartz

Two Tests and Two Titles! Working Certificate Success!

Jaeger finally has the all clear to begin training and running again. After seeing a specialist it was determined that his injury did not involve the cruciate ligament at all. Phew!

We were advised to start slow, no really long marks and limited training sessions. What better way to get back at it than to enter in the Working Certificate and Working Certificate Intermediate?

Jaeger did a nice job on the Saturday in the Working Certificate. Two pinned marks with two nice returns. He loves his ducks.

The judges asked us to run test dog for the Working Certificate Excellent. Now that might seem a little weird but the stakes he usually runs in are quite a bit more advanced than the Working Certificate and the judges are familiar with him. However, in the Working Certificate you have to start at the bottom and pass before you can move up. So at the bottom we began! Jaeger heeled well during the walk up for WCX and sat like a perfect little soldier when the guns went off. Nice work for a dog that has been off work for a month!

Day at two at the Working Certificate went super as well. Jaeger got a little over excited towards the end of the test but he was running test dog for the WCX0

Mimi is one of my training Mentors
Judges Blake Hasiuk and Mimi Crystal

as well as running in the Working Certificate Intermediate test so it was to be expected. It's kind of like refusing yourself your favourite treat for a month and suddenly having a bowl full of given to you. You're bound to go a little overboard!

A great weekend overall. Two tests and two Titles!

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