• Tracy Lennartz

Train the Trainer - March 13 - 17

There’s always more to learn in this world and I’m super excited to say that this March I’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best! I’ll be attending a Symposium in Georgia featuring the two top retriever trainers in North America -Mike Lardy and Danny Farmer. A rare chance to learn from both of these renowned dog trainers at the same time.

Everyone who trains retrievers is familiar with Total Retrieving by Mike Lardy and anyone who competes knows Hall of Famer Danny Farmer.

The four day symposium promises to be filled with powerful information for turning out top notch retrievers and includes evening sessions involving canine nutrition and canine sports medicine. I'm especially looking forward to guest speaker Dr. Jennell Appel - certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. Basically the Sports Veterinarian to the stars.

Needless to say I will be hard to reach for these few days but I will answer all correspondence as soon as I get back.

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