• Tracy Lennartz

Injury Update

We had our vet appointment and disappointingly my vet was away on holidays and we had to see his colleague. His colleague was unable to give me a definitive answer and had no advice other than to rest him and then see when he returns to regular activity whether it bothers him or not. Hi approach of course has me very upset.

There is a problem with the typical veterinarians response to partial tears and that is that there isn't one. If there is a complete tear then the immediate treatment is surgery. If there is a partial tear or suspected tear there is nothing advised but to rest, wait to see if it does tear, and then operate. There is no protocol whatsoever for treatment of a partial tear. There is apparently nothing to date that has been proven to heal the tear or prevent it from progressing to a complete tear.

I have been researching and there has been limited success with using dogs own stem cells injected into the joint and Platelet Rich Plasma infusion into the joint.

Here's hoping that its just a minor muscle injury.

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