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I've owned and trained dogs for over 25 years.

Dogs enrich our lives in many ways.  We all have stories about one particular dog that entered our life or we met somewhere who was the most amazing dog we'd ever seen.  We all hoped to have a dog just like that one.  Most of us realize that those kinds of dogs don't typically just "happen"on their own.  

Rarely a dog will develop extraordinary insight and response to the human world they live in all on their own but it's not typical. Dogs are sensitive, thoughtful, inquisitive beings that need mentorship and leadership.  From the moment a dog is introduced into your home they are constantly observing and learning.  Good habits and responses or bad ones, your dog is developing them minute by minute in response to the people and the environment around it.

What people need to do as owners and trainers is learn to communicate our desired behaviours and responses to our dogs and read what our dogs are telling us.  However, we are naturally bad at this.  We use many more words than we need and often over react to situations or react in ways not congruent with our thoughts.  

This is where I come in.  With my many years of experience I can teach you to better communicate with your dog so you forge that family bond you and your dog deserve and bring out the canine super dog that is within every one of our furry friends.

There are no bad dogs, just bad trainers.

English Oxford Dictionaries Definition of Train

- Teach (a person or animal) a particular skill or type of behaviour through sustained practice and instruction.

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Basic Obedience - Private Lessons
1 hr
Private training - Retriever Training
1 hr